Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Gobble til' You Wobble!

Hey all! I didn't get much done the past few days thanks to my son's incoming 2-yr molars! OUCH! He has been one cranky boy and desperately in need of lots of TLC from Mommy!!!

I am really busy with all the prep for Thanksgiving, and I will have company all weekend, so no crafting for a few days.

I just wanted to wish you all a very Happy Turkey Day! Have fun stuffing your faces, watching football, putting up the Christmas tree and whatever else you may be doing this weekend! I know I will!!!

Karyn :o)

Monday, November 24, 2008

Not-so Manic Monday!

Yippee, I had a productive day today -- FINALLY!

I started on the photo frame I am making for my sister (whom had better NOT be reading this). I realized I was missing one item I needed to put it all together (keep in mind that I am a natural Blonde), so I am planning a field trip to Michael's in the morning (woo-hoo! if I really NEED an excuse to go to Michael's). I should have it done tomorrow & will post a photo then!

I also started my ornaments/package toppers & I came up with another idea for some different ones. After my trip to Michael's tomorrow, I should be able to get them completed & I will also post those photos! I am so excited to get a few projects done!

I am planning on dusting off the sewing machine and trying to do the decoupage look on a pair of my daughter's jeans this weekend (time permitting, of course)! Since I picked the "Shaggy Mosaic Jeans" e-book for my freebie from YCMT, I thought I'd give it a try. I bought a cute custom Moda S'mores (looooove that fabric) shirt on E-bay, so I thought I'd make some matching jeans since I already have the fabric in my stash. I am really excited to give it a try! I may also sew my son a taggie blanket to replace the one I made 2 years ago (the last time I sewed anything - AAACK!) that we somehow lost on vacation earlier this year. :o(

Off Topic -- Today we had such a gorgeous sky & sunset! I spent the last couple of hours outside with the kids playing while I took photos of the sky & trees. Yes, photography is another one of my many hobbies! I am even thinking of listing some of my photos in my Etsy shop soon! We'll see!!! After spending the day crafting & taking photos, I feel so relaxed and happy! Such a great feeling!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Unproductive Day!

Well, my day did not go as planned today! Both the kids were up numerous times during the night so I got very little sleep. When I did finally get up, I had a killer headache that lasted all day. Then, I got unexpected company... so needless to say, I got NOTHING done today!

I was able to give my projects some thought today though, so hopefully I will be able to get started this week. It will be tough with Thanksgiving a few days away, but I should be able to squeeze out a few hours to get down to business (fingers crossed)! I am going to start on my sister's present first since I already have all my materials on hand. I'll be sure to post photos once I get it done!

I also spent the first bit of my $50 budget yesterday when I went to Jo-Ann Fabrics. I have an idea for some cute little ornaments and/or gift toppers and it only cost me $1.00 -- actually less because I did use a coupon (but I have to figure out the exact amount because I did buy other items that are not being used for the challenge). I hope to make my first one tomorrow (ooops -- today -- I just looked at the time) while the kiddos are napping!

Well, I need to hit the sack. Hopefully I will have lots of exciting crafting news & photos to share tomorrow (ooops again, I mean later)! Must go to sleep now! YAWN!!!! Nightey-night!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

To Blog or Not to Blog...

Sooooo... here I am FINALLY!

I have often thought about starting a blog but I just wasn't sure if I should or not.

What would I say?

Who would care??

Where would I find that extra time in my already stretched waaaaay too thin 24 hour day???

And then I entered this fun contest sponsored by one of my favorite craft websites -- and low and behold I was one of the chosen 50! "50 what?" you may ask... so I'll tell you! There is this great little competition going on to see who can make (yes, MAKE) their Christmas gifts for under $50. It is called "Thrifty for Under Fifty". I love a good challenge and coincidentally, I ONLY have about $50 left to spend on Christmas this year so it's a win, win situation for me!

Luckily I already have a HUGE stash of crafts (see Greg, I told you I would use all these fabrics & craft materials that I have been collecting that I just HAD to have) and I was really in the mood to make some Christmas presents this year.

Anyway, back to the reason I started this blog. This is how my team, and anyone else who cares, can follow my progress during the challenge. I will post photos of my progress and keep everyone updated on what I am making and how much moola I am spending in the process. Hopefully, very little since I already have so much on hand. And then, not only will those on my Christmas list get some great gifts handmade with love by moi, but lucky moi will hopefully have that $50 left over to go shopping (most likely at a craft store) when everything is said and done! Woo-hoo!!! Plus, I may even win $100 in the end -- even more spending money!!!

So, stay tuned to see what happens! Be sure to click on the link to the YCMT blog to read updates on what is going on with the contest. You may even win prizes just for following along! How cool is that!?!?!?!