Monday, November 24, 2008

Not-so Manic Monday!

Yippee, I had a productive day today -- FINALLY!

I started on the photo frame I am making for my sister (whom had better NOT be reading this). I realized I was missing one item I needed to put it all together (keep in mind that I am a natural Blonde), so I am planning a field trip to Michael's in the morning (woo-hoo! if I really NEED an excuse to go to Michael's). I should have it done tomorrow & will post a photo then!

I also started my ornaments/package toppers & I came up with another idea for some different ones. After my trip to Michael's tomorrow, I should be able to get them completed & I will also post those photos! I am so excited to get a few projects done!

I am planning on dusting off the sewing machine and trying to do the decoupage look on a pair of my daughter's jeans this weekend (time permitting, of course)! Since I picked the "Shaggy Mosaic Jeans" e-book for my freebie from YCMT, I thought I'd give it a try. I bought a cute custom Moda S'mores (looooove that fabric) shirt on E-bay, so I thought I'd make some matching jeans since I already have the fabric in my stash. I am really excited to give it a try! I may also sew my son a taggie blanket to replace the one I made 2 years ago (the last time I sewed anything - AAACK!) that we somehow lost on vacation earlier this year. :o(

Off Topic -- Today we had such a gorgeous sky & sunset! I spent the last couple of hours outside with the kids playing while I took photos of the sky & trees. Yes, photography is another one of my many hobbies! I am even thinking of listing some of my photos in my Etsy shop soon! We'll see!!! After spending the day crafting & taking photos, I feel so relaxed and happy! Such a great feeling!!

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jaimezee said...

yay for productivity! can't wait to see some photos!!!