Friday, December 5, 2008

The "Dirtiest" Job of All!

Okay... how many of you have ever seen that show on the Discovery channel... Dirty Jobs? I have only seen it a few times, but let me tell you, nothing I have seen on that show can compare to being a SAHM with 2 sick children!!!

Pig farmers, roadkill collectors, septic tank repair men -- WHATEVER!!! You want to see a dirty job? Come to my house this week mister and I'll show you what it is to have a dirty job! Let me see you clean up vomit out of the rug, wipe the neon green snotty noses of squirming, pitiful, whining children screaming that their noses are sore from all the wiping. Changing the dirty diapers of a sick 2 year old! Uh-huh... that's a dirty job! Then to top it all off, YOU catch the nasty bug from having been coughed on, sneezed on, vomited on -- yet you STILL have to take care of the little ones. There is no time off, no lunch break, no hope in sight whatsoever! So, someone call the Discovery Channel and send them my way! I'll show them dirty!

Okay... that was my rant for the day. Sorry, but I just needed to vent a little before I attempted to go to bed. Yes, the kids are still sick. Yes, I am now sick also. No, I have not gotten around to making any more Christmas presents. :o(

I am so sad. I had such high aspirations for this week. God-willing I will get my stuff done this weekend! Pray for me people!!!

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