Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Final Count!

So, the challenge ended on Monday night at midnight. Although I did not get everything done that I wanted to, I still did pretty good! Here is my total: 37 gifts for 9 people costing $28.10 total! Not too shabby!

It was so much fun going through my stash and coming up with ideas on how to use things I already owned in this challenge! It really got my creative juices flowing (not to mention how much stuff I found that I forgot I had)!

Here are a few of the final things that I made:

Two more different versions of my ribbon ornaments -- a stocking & a star.

I made a total of 13 ornaments in all. They were so much fun and I think they will make great decorations for any holiday! I plan to make more for Valentine's Day, Easter, July 4th, Halloween & Thanksgiving using cookie cutters for each holiday! The possibilities are endless!!!
I also made these cute Cinnamon ornaments -- I have been wanting to make these for years but never found the time. This year I finally did and let me tell you how wonderful they made the house smell! It was amazing! I'll post the recipe a little later!

This is a decoupaged frame that I made for my Mom from the kids (inspired by Kim's tween posts on the YCMT blog). I will take a photo next week when we are doing our Christmas baking and put it in before Christmas!

And here are some cute treat containers I made. Can you guess what they are made out of??? Crystal Light containers!!! Talk about being thrifty! All I did was use some leftover scrapbooking paper and embellishments and decoupaged the containers! I am going to make several of these to put my homemade chocolate pretzel rods and peanut brittle in. So cute!!!I knew there had to be something you could make with these containers! We drink a lot of Crystal Light so I always have them on hand! They are also great to put little presents in (markers or crayons, socks, puzzle pieces) -- great for stocking stuffers! Such a cute way to wrap your holiday gifts, don'tcha think!?!?

And last, but not least, I made this print in Photoshop & framed it for DH from the kids:

So, that is it for my challenge. I am not done crafting by any means. I have several more projects I want to do before Christmas, so I will most likely be working right up until Christmas Eve! LOL!

I want to try to make some pajama bottoms for the kids (and possibly myself & DH) and I have yet ANOTHER ornament idea that I saw on another website I frequent that I want to try. So, keep checking back! I'll post anything new I complete in case any of you are looking for some last minute ideas!

Karyn :o)

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I love the treat containers! What a cute way to receive (and give!) homemade goodies!!!